02 March 2010

A Favorite Inspiration

There is no floral designer that has inspired my own work and that is more entertaining a teacher than Ron Morgan. Watching him create centerpieces is like going to a ballet, or a concert. He makes it seem so easy to create such breathtaking arrangements. His sense of color and combinations of materials are gorgeous. He is a master at his craft and I am fortunate to have seen him in action many times over the last 18 years. He has been an inspiration in my career as a floral designer. Whether I am doing fresh, dried, or silk arrangements Ron's demos have taught me so much about flowers and how to arrange them. He has four books published that I keep on my coffee table for reference and enjoyment. They are" The Center of Attention", "In the Company of Flowers", "The Glass Act", and "A Celebration of Clematis." All of them come highly recommended and are a great addition to anyone's library. You can catch some of Ron's classes atLoot Antiques.

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