22 February 2010

Interview with Wedding DJ Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell of Music Solutions DJ Service is talented in his craft.

We've asked him a few questions about what it takes to be a wedding DJ and what sets him apart from others.

Like flowers or lighting, music is a huge part of what sets the mood for a wedding.

Jason gives advice for choosing the perfect tunes and addresses the big question: Band vs DJ


What music brings the most people to the dance floor at weddings/


Everybody loves Usher. People can't help themselves. Seriously though,

people tend to gravitate towards music that was popular when they were

growing up, which is what makes DJin' Weddings challenging because you

have such a huge spread in age range, from 5 years old to 95 years old.

Not only does the music have to be accessible to a huge range in people,

it also has to be appropriate. Whats appropriate to a 35 year old isn't

for a 65 year old. That said, it also has to be fun! Van Morrison is great

with kids and adults. Michael Jackson has been huge this year, of course.

A good mix of 80's, 90's, and current hip hop always goes over well too.

What are the perks of using a DJ vs a live band at a wedding?

Cost is huge, but so are playlists. No matter how long a band has been

playing together, they can't bring 60,000+ songs to an event. Sound

quality and volume control vary greatly too. Unless a band is super

professional with a sound tech, there's no way they can come close in

sound quality. This may not seem important, but when you're facilitating

dancing and conversation for 100+ people, the quality of the sound is as

important as volume. A lot of DJs are guilty of bringing "dirty" sound as


Not that bands aren't great though, I played in probably every type of

band growing up, from Jazz to Funk, and Metal to Punk. It all comes down

to personal preference, and with anything, you get what you pay for.

How closely do you work with couples to select a wedding playlist?

I start out by sitting down with the couple and getting to know them and

the background of their guests. After getting to know the age, social,

economic, and heritage background of both families I start working on

playlists based on their musical preferences. How involved the couple gets

involved is based on their preferences, but I always bring a lot of

everything to events, because you always want to be prepared.

What's the funniest dance move you've seen while working an event?

My mother dancing to Little John's "Salt Shaker" at my cousin's Wedding.

You'd have to be there to believe it.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget about classical! Nothing gets me moving like a little Mozart!