12 July 2013

Farm Fresh Flowers from Neve Bros.

 Neve Brothers surprised me today with rows of gorgeous hydrangeas in full bloom!

Here's a few bunches hand picked for me!

 Back to the studio to put them in my designs!

I am so fortunate to live nearby to Neve Bros. so I can get locally grown farm fresh flowers!

31 January 2013

Savage Rose is a Hand Picked Vendor on Wedding Chicks

Savage Rose is proud to be a hand picked vendor on Wedding Chicks!

Savage Rose
Savage Rose
Serving: San Francisco Bay Area & Napa Sonoma Wine Country
Phone: 415.215.3487
Growing up in New England, I was always inspired by the changing coastal seasons and the beautiful woodland foliage.  Each month I would visit my grandmother and aunts in Manhattan and was enthralled by the all the treasures of art and nature they shared with me—Central Park, the big floral arrangements in the Metropolitan Museum’s entry, the changing Rockefeller Center flowers, The Plaza Hotel’s centerpieces and many more.  These early experiences inspired me as a young girl and add depth and style in my floral work today.
A visit to California as a student enchanted me and I returned to stay.  The perfect climate and multitude and variety of plants and flowers amazed me.  I first saw vast vineyards, avocados, magnolias, bottlebrush, orange trees, wild lavender, mustard and poppies, and the many special native plants.  I enthusiastically took up gardening and fresh flower arranging with a Bay Area flair!
Ever since then I’ve continued to learn and evolve my skills, taking professional training from the Floral Design Institute and seminars with leading masters of modern floral design.  This deepening interest finally culminated in my becoming Founder and Design Director of Savage Rose Florals.
Bringing the influences in my life full circle, for the past seven years I have been honored to be in the Bouquets to Art show at the de Young Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, where I can express my love of flowers and art through my own creativity as a designer (my work was recently featured in a book devoted to the show).
Savage Rose Florals is more than a business for me; it’s a passion.  I love working closely with each Bride, to fulfill their visions in breathtaking flowers customized especially for them for their wedding day.  Their smiles and happiness are my biggest reward of all!
Special thanks to the talented photographers: Lilia Photography, Weddings by Sasha Gulish, Tia and Claire Photography, and Jill Doherty Photography.
love from the clients
I was first exposed to Marian's artistic talent as a floral designer about seventeen years ago, and I knew that when the time came for me to plan my wedding, she would be one of the first calls I made. Marian takes a genuine interest in her clients and is careful to make sure that her designs are truthful representations of each of their personalities and wishes. Marian was able to bring true romance, elegance, and a delightful sense of simplicity to my wedding ceremony and reception. Although I knew what to expect from Marian, I was in complete awe of the beauty she single handedly created and showered my husband, friends, and family with on our wedding day. Marian is a true professional and one of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.
Jennifer Jones
Novato, Ca.
My husband and I are beyond pleased with our experience with Savage Rose Florals, and Marian Lebrun. From the very beginning, Marian was professional, responsive, and friendly. Marian understood our style as a couple while bringing together the theme and concept that we were trying to depict on our wedding day. Throughout the process, Marian quickly responded to our emails and phone calls with a positive and professional attitude every step of the way! She was extremely enthusiastic and her talent shined through in her final product. Our pictures are not only beautiful because of our amazing photographer, but also because of the beautiful floral designs by Marian. From my beautiful bouquet to the elegant centerpieces, she was able to capture everything I envisioned and dreamed for my wedding day. My husband and I are truly happy with Marian's talent and professionalism!!!
Joann Carter
Las Vegas
Thank you so much for doing such a spectacular job on the floral design for my wedding! You completely understood my style and what I was going for. On the day of the wedding, I was so blown away with how unique and stunning the flowers were. Each and every centerpiece and floral arrangement truly set the scene for our rustic chic wedding! Whether it was showing me samples or meeting with me weekly to discuss selections or new ideas, you really took the time to make me feel comfortable in the planning process. So thank you for the beautiful job you did, being so fun to work with and loving peonies and vintage everything like I do!
Danielle Skordas

11 January 2013

Winter Whites

 Winter is upon us and what is more enchanting than Winter White?

15 October 2012

Autumn Flowers

Being from New England Autumn Hues Always inspire me!
Here is a little collection with a Vintage touch. 

05 June 2012

Spring Peony Centerpieces

       There is a fantastic array of flowers in Spring!
But the favorite flower of all, the Peony is the center of attention!

Peony, Parrot Tulip, Clematis, Scabiosa, Trachelium

Peony, Astilbe, Parrot Tulip, Curly Tulip, Sweet Peas, Tuberose,

29 March 2012

Bouquets To Art At The De Young Museum

I was honored to be a part of the Bouquets to Art  show at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. This was my third year to participate in this beautiful Springtime show.
Every year 150 Floral artists are chosen throughout the Bay Area. Each person that is chosen picks five paintings from a list of paintings and sculpture on selection day. Then the committee decides which piece of Art they will have to interpret.
The painting that was given for my interpretation was by Enrico Donati.

Enrico Donati is considered one of the original surrealist artists- A group which 
included among others Salvador Dali and Andre Breton. During his career he reinvented his artistic genres to include Constructivism and Abstract Expressionism. This painting was from his later years.  His focus seemed to have shifted to an examination of geometric shapes and layering and texture.  He often mixed paint with glue and a variety of grains such as dust, dirt, soot, sand, coffee grounds and was even known to use the contents of his vacuum cleaner as he did in this painting.

This is what I wrote explaining why I chose this mysterious and dark hued painting:

I felt a strong, almost subconscious, attraction in choosing this dreamlike
painting.  The vastness of the blue background is calming like water, and
the black in the distance draws one into the deep and darkness of the
unknown cosmos.  In the foreground is a mother rock high on a ledge,
throbbing with the bright volcanic orange, which I see as pulsating with
hope.  Below sits a smaller rock on a ledge, balancing on a point,
carefree and dancing.  To me this symbolizes the inner self, alive with
energy in the dark, silent, calm cosmic vastness.
In this painting Donati brings one straight to the subconscious-conveying
the very essence of a dreamlike state that draws us in- like a meditation.
This inspired me to use flowers to contrast with the stone, ceramic and glass, creating shades of pulsating vibrancy, symbolizing hope and life.”

My interpretation of the painting:

This is the back of the piece:

If you love flowers and Art don't miss the Bouquets to Art next Spring! 
There are classes from talented Floral Designers from around the world. teas, and an opening Gala. And of course, Flowers in every shade and variety you can imagine!

11 February 2012

Valentine's Day Recipe for Love

Photo Shoot done at Kenwood Inn
Photos by LiliaPhoto
Thanks to our beautiful model Angela Noriega Dorkus