29 March 2012

Bouquets To Art At The De Young Museum

I was honored to be a part of the Bouquets to Art  show at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. This was my third year to participate in this beautiful Springtime show.
Every year 150 Floral artists are chosen throughout the Bay Area. Each person that is chosen picks five paintings from a list of paintings and sculpture on selection day. Then the committee decides which piece of Art they will have to interpret.
The painting that was given for my interpretation was by Enrico Donati.

Enrico Donati is considered one of the original surrealist artists- A group which 
included among others Salvador Dali and Andre Breton. During his career he reinvented his artistic genres to include Constructivism and Abstract Expressionism. This painting was from his later years.  His focus seemed to have shifted to an examination of geometric shapes and layering and texture.  He often mixed paint with glue and a variety of grains such as dust, dirt, soot, sand, coffee grounds and was even known to use the contents of his vacuum cleaner as he did in this painting.

This is what I wrote explaining why I chose this mysterious and dark hued painting:

I felt a strong, almost subconscious, attraction in choosing this dreamlike
painting.  The vastness of the blue background is calming like water, and
the black in the distance draws one into the deep and darkness of the
unknown cosmos.  In the foreground is a mother rock high on a ledge,
throbbing with the bright volcanic orange, which I see as pulsating with
hope.  Below sits a smaller rock on a ledge, balancing on a point,
carefree and dancing.  To me this symbolizes the inner self, alive with
energy in the dark, silent, calm cosmic vastness.
In this painting Donati brings one straight to the subconscious-conveying
the very essence of a dreamlike state that draws us in- like a meditation.
This inspired me to use flowers to contrast with the stone, ceramic and glass, creating shades of pulsating vibrancy, symbolizing hope and life.”

My interpretation of the painting:

This is the back of the piece:

If you love flowers and Art don't miss the Bouquets to Art next Spring! 
There are classes from talented Floral Designers from around the world. teas, and an opening Gala. And of course, Flowers in every shade and variety you can imagine!

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