27 November 2011

Sonoma Floral Designer: DIY Mason Jar Floral Arrangements

Today I thought I would share a couple DIY floral arrangement tips inspired by our Thanksgiving dinner table center pieces. This is really easy, and the best part is that you can use the steps involved to create any style, color palette and use any flowers you choose.
We wanted to do something a bit less traditional for our flowers and went for Autumn brights instead of the common neutrals for Thanksgiving.
See the steps below for a little floral DIY...

The first ingredients are Mason Jars and raffia.
We filled about six Mason Jars with flowers and placed them down the runway of the dinner table. This was perfect since Mason Jars are low enough to see over, which encourages conversation.
Multiple Mason Jars add a more festive feel to the table, instead of one large center piece.

The main flowers we went for were: (from left to right)
Hot Lady Roses
Red Celosia
Hypericum Berries
Billy Balls
Dried Wheat
Dried Oak Leaves
The colors of these flowers played well with the dishes we served on our dining table.

Once you have your flowers picked out line up all your Mason Jars.
Then start filling them with your flowers.
I began with roses since they are the largest.
then i filled in with all the rest.

Let the creativity shine as you fill in the Mason Jars--you can't go wrong!

Our Dining room table has a special feature--a carved canyon that goes through the center--which is perfect for filling with center pieces! And perfect for a floral designer to get inspired by!

As you can see the Autumn Brights were very festive and cheerful and all of our guests loved them!

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY and got some fun inspiration!
If you make some DIY Mason Jar arrangements please email me--I'd love to see what you come up with!

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