01 April 2011

San Francisco Floral Design at "Bouquets to Art 2011"

I am honored to have been one of the featured designers of the Bouquets to Art show held at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. This is a great fundraiser and extravaganza of flowers and Art held each year, and not to be missed. For one week you can view beautiful masterpieces of Art with gorgeous interpretations of flowers by their side.

This year I was given the Stela of the Mayan Queen Ix Mutual Ahaw, AD 761.

Although the Stella itself is made of simple limestone, I wanted to convey the lush landscape and colorful mythology that surrounds the ancient Mayan culture through vibrant materials found in the jungle.

The Queen's headdress was my inspiration.

To honor the femininity of this rare warrior queen I used bold materials like orchids, ginger, and birds of paradise.

My goal was to reflect the enchanting themes throughout the 8th Century Mesoamerican artifact and bring the Stela to life through flowers.

In the end I added a twist of snake on the pedestal, since the snake is so important spiritually in the Mayan culture.

Visit The Bouquets to Art link here for more photos of this years event.

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