23 July 2010

Tropical Hawaiian Style Wedding

There are many romantic themes to inspire your wedding vision.
But one of my favorites is tropical Hawaiian.

With so many details you can choose from, your guests will be sure to feel the true Aloha spirit. A luau can be done anywhere, and is always romantic and fun.

Hawaiian Lei is a symbol of "aloha" which means love.
The lei that is exchanged between a bride and groom represents an eternal commitment and devotion to one another.
Each flower lei consists of 40-50 fresh flowers strung on a cotton thread.
A wedding lei is usually made with tuberose, orchids, roses and ti leaf.

My favorite is Plumeria. It smells wonderful!

Instead of a veil a bride can wear a garland of island flowers, or a single flower worn on her left side signifying she is taken.

This is called The Hawaiian Wedding Song "Virgin", and is used in bouquets or in the hair.

Stephanotis or "pua male", is the marriage flower, and is used in leis and bouquets.

There are a great variety of tropical flowers to choose from and they last for a week.

Some flowers for a beautiful ceremony..

A traditional way to start your wedding is to have a conch blown three times to signify the divine presence.

For ultimate romantic entertainment, why not have have a hula dancer do the traditional wedding hula to the "Hawaiian Wedding Song"?

With only a few details you can truly have a romantic tropical wedding.

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