10 June 2010

Special Wedding Ribbons

Some might say a bride's bouquet is the most important wedding accessory besides her groom!
The blooms you hold while walking down the aisle should reflect your style and elegance. I love working closely with my brides to decide the perfect palette, blooms, fragrance and overall style of their bouquets. A lot of brides want something unique, a little flair, tucked away somewhere in their bouquet. It's nice to have something personal since your bouquet is what essentially "holds a bride's hand" down the aisle!
A great way to add an element of elegance and chicness to your bridal bouquet is with special ribbon. Ribbon is always used to tie bouquets...that's what makes it a bouquet right! A special, unique ribbon turns an everyday bundle of flowers into a true bride's bouquet.
Savage Rose loves working with rare and special, antique ribbons. We have our very own Savage Rose Ribbon Collection to offer our clients and brides! We offer ribbons made of velvet, silver dipped lace, and smooth satin. Ribbons in shades of apricot, rose, marie antoinette blue, ivory and plum.
A unique and special ribbon adds an unforgettable touch to a bouquet and is a wonderful keepsake!
Items selected from the Savage Rose Ribbon Collection

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