16 January 2010

Modern Luxury Wedding Show Part 2

To all the brides we met at the Modern Luxury Wedding Show...
2010 Spring and Summer Save The Dates are booking fast!
Make sure to contact Savage Rose today so you can be sure to have beautiful and memorable wedding flowers on your Big Day.

Below we listed and addressed some of the most common ideas and concerns we heard from brides, grooms, families and friends at the Modern Luxury Bridal Show.
Hopefully this will help you all out!
  • Peonies are such beautiful flowers, what colors do they come in, when are they in season and how much do they usually cost?
We used many "Double Flowered" Peonies in many of our sample bouquets and received a ton of interest about this wonderful flower. I've always been fond of the peony and consider it not only one of my favorite flowers, but the ultimate wedding flower due to its romantic and soft appearance.
What colors do they come in -Peonies most commonly come in the following colors:
Light Pink, Fuchsia Pink, Coral Pink, White, Red, Maroon, and Yellow.
When are they in season-Local peonies are known to be seasonal throughout Spring [ April - June ], depending on variety. Currently peonies can be shipped from other areas so that they are available all year round at a slightly higher price. Peonies do best in temperatures that aren't too hot.
How much do they usually cost-Peonies cost about twice what a rose costs so they're a bit on the higher price range.

  • Should the Brides Maids' dresses match their bouquets?
The simple answer is: No, they don't have to. Everything in a wedding does not need to be super "matchy". We recommend looking at your wedding as a whole and choosing flowers that compliment your look. Monochromatic color schemes can be beautiful, especially if flower bouquets blend different shades and hues of one color. But don't be afraid to explore other options! Work with your floral designer to find the perfect color palette for your bouquets.

  • Does Savage Rose offer custom designed arrangements for other occasions?
Yes! We design custom arrangements for private clients and deliver throughout Marin County and other areas of the Bay Area depending on exact location and price range.If you'd like a custom made arrangement sent to a loved one or to embellish a party, office, home or event contact us today.

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