17 March 2009

The Bouquets To Art

The Bouquets To Art is at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, and is celebrating it's 25th year!  I am in the event for my fourth year, assisting my dear friend Judy, who has been in the Bouquets to Art for fifteen years! 
If you have the opportunity, you must go and see the spectacular floral displays! It is an ode to spring, where each artist creates a floral piece , that reflects an assigned painting or sculpture. There are demonstrations from the most talented people in the floral industry.  Today I got to see Ron Morgan in action.  I have been going to his demonstrations for eighteen years, and every time I am enthralled by his work! He travels extensively throughout the country, and has a huge fan base of garden enthusiasts, and floral lovers!   

Here's Ron Morgan!

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